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Our wedding guests services provide a modern twist on the traditional art of caricature drawing whilst maintaining the intimate and relaxed feeling loved by so many guests at weddings throughout Scotland. Picky pencil unique wedding cartoons provide the perfect talking point for all styles and size of events during the drinks reception as well as during the evenings celebrations. Browse the information within this page to learn how our entertainment packages are hard to beat.

Engage all your guests with Picky Pencil Cartoons

Whilst I draw guests can watch cartoons take shape on a monitor attached to my easel. Meaning all guests feel involved even if they don't fancy a cartoon themselves.

Exaggerate the positive in your guests cartoon drawing

My caricatures are unique , fun and flattering always exaggerating the best features of your guests. My aim is to make guests feel glamorous and special.

Every wedding will have their own blog post so guests can view all the cartoons from the day.

Every wedding has a dedicated blog post HERE where all the cartoons from the day can be downloaded by you and your guests. 

Every guests receives a print and digital copy of their drawing

Every person who has a cartoon created will receive one 4x6 inch print in a protected sleeve with instructions on how to download a digital copy from my blog.

No awkward posing whilst having a sketch drawn

All caricatures are created on an iPad at my easel. A photo is taken as additional reference so guests don't have to remain still so can chat and enjoy their canapes and prosecco.

Unique and one of a kind sketches

Every drawing is completely unique with a border and personalised message from the newly weds.

Newly weds never miss out on their cartoon.

Newly weds receive a caricature in the same style as their guests but in colour along with a link to their weddings blog post so that they can enjoy reviewing the drawings from the day.

Professional, frinedly service makes booking easy | Picky Pencil

Booking picky pencil to be part of your day will unlock lots of discounts and exclusive offers only available to my couples.

Draw guests between the ceremony and the meal whilst the bridal party are having photographs taken


Between the ceremony to meal/speeches.

Intimate entertainment for  your guests whilst  the bridal party are having photographs taken.

How long:
Minimum 2 hours
Maximum 3 hours

Timing will vary depending on your day
How many:
Approximately from 20 

Drinks reception pricing flat rate entertainment


Wedding caricature drawing during the evening reception after the first dance.


After the meal

A perfect addition to the party atmosphere of your wedding reception.
How long:
Set time of 3 hours.
How many:

Approximately from  30

Flat rate pricing for 3 hours entertainment after the first dance


All inclusive drawing for all your guests through out the day

All Day

Part 1-Ceremony to the meal/speeches.
Part 2-After the meal.

The intimate feeling during the drinks reception and party atmosphere of the evening reception combine to include all your guests.
How long:
Minimum 5 hours 
Maximum 6 hours
Timing will vary depending on your day.
How many:
Approximately from 50

Pricing for all your guests to be involved in Picky Pencil cartoon entertainment



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Q:What style of cartoon do you draw? Will my guests be insulted?

A: I describe my cartoons as what you would look like if you starred in your own Cartoon series. Previous guests have described my style as “sooo cute” “Oh , I look so young” .

N.B- No big noses or ears in my drawings . Although I can’t say the same about hair and eyelashes. I do enjoy luscious locks.


Q:Why do you draw on a tablet and not pen and paper?

A: I find drawing on an iPad pro gives me more flexibility than when I used paper and pencil.

  • It allows me to draw couples and groups easily,

  • I can cut and paste guests into another drawings ,no need to draw twice.

  • I can offer digital copies of the drawing. No need to carry about large bits of paper that could get damaged.


Q:Do you draw in black and white or colour?

A: Drawing in black and white is quicker than colour. I recommend black and white cartoons at events such as weddings or corporate functions and colour when you would like more time with the guest such as trade show booths.


Q:How much of the guest do you draw, Full body or head and shoulder?

A: I draw the head and shoulder of your guest . Enough to create a lovely keepsake and have fun laughing at the cartoon whilst leaving enough time to draw lots more guests.


Q:How many cartoons can you draw in an hour?

A: Whilst I can’t guarantee how many cartoons I can draw in an hour the average seems to be between 10 and 12. I have found any more than that begins to feel like a production line and less personal.


Q: Are on-the-spot caricatures suitable for large weddings?

A: Absolutely! Because:

  • not all of your guests will want a cartoon drawn .

  • some enjoy watching the cartoons being created on a monitor attached to my easel ,

  • some enjoy asking about the technology I use.

  • others have fun with the folks in the hot seat.

All of which contribute to the relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere.


Q: What if my guests are shy and don’t want to sit still or be stared at?

A: Nobody likes a strange person staring at them for any length of time . This is why I take a reference photo as well as occasionally looking at the person I’m drawing. This means your guests can relax chat and drink prosecco without feeling watched.


Q: I have children at my event will you be able to draw them as well?

A: Of Course. I love drawing little ones with parents or family members .

N.B as I take a photo as part of the reference for their cartoon an adult should be present during the process.


Q: Can couples and groups be drawn together?

A: Whilst every caricaturist is different, I prefer drawing couples and groups as opposed to one guest at a time. This is because:

  • Having groups of guests joking and laughing around my easel attracts more onlookers and creates a brilliant buzz in the room.

  •  I have found I draw more people when they come with friends as I can spend less time waiting for folks to get comfy and more time drawing .

  •  In my experience I have found your guests are more likely to come up to have a caricature drawn if they can approach me with a friend or family member for moral support.


Q: Do my guests get a drawing to take home?

A Every guest who has a caricature drawn will receive a 4x6 inch print and access to a free digital copy through your dedicated blog post featuring all the cartoons drawn on the day. Organisers of the event are encouraged to visit the page to download all the cartoons created on the day.


Q:How can guests access their digital copy?

A: On the back of the 4x6 inch print given on the day there will be a sticker with a personalised message from the organiser or couple which will also have a link to your webpage and their digital copy.


Q: Do guests have to pay for their cartoon?

A: Guests do not pay for their drawing .The price you pay to hire me for your big day or event is all inclusive . No hidden charges for you or your guests.


Q: Will you have time to draw the Newlyweds?

A: It is very unlikely the couple will have time to sit for a cartoon so I will take a photo of the guest of honour or couple then draw their cartoon in the same style as the guests but in colour and email it to them within a week along with a link to their webpage where they can view all the cartoons drawn on the day.


Q:Do I need to provide any tables or equipment?

A: I will only need 3 chairs and access to a power supply. I take all other equipment with me that takes up about 1x2 metre. Enough space for a box easel.


Q:How can I secure a booking?

A First check availability HERE and after receiving all the details on the different packages available, complete a booking form and send a deposit that is deducted from the total balance to secure your date. The full balance will be due 1 week before the event.