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Our Policies

These are the terms conditions in place for picky pencil commission cartoons ,realistic drawing and entertainment in person.

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ENTERTAINMENT Terms and conditions

Picky pencil reserves the right to refuse to accept or cancel an event entertainment booking at any time.


-A booking form will be completed for the client to check and all details agreed.

-A non-refundable upfront fee will be required to secure your booking entertainment date.

-No booking is final until a booking fee/deposit and booking form have been received.

-Picky pencil reserves the right to take other bookings on the day if no deposit has been received.


Conditions for terminating contract:

-The client has the right to cancel their booking up to and including 14 days after the contract date on the booking form without incurring any charges. 

-If the client terminates the contract for any reason after 14 days from the contract date the booking fee will be retained but the remainder of the balance will not be required.

-If the event is cancelled one week before the event the balance minus the booking fee will be refunded. This amount will become a credit note that can be used on any picky pencil service. If circumstances beyond my control mean I must cancel the event the booking fee and all monies received shall be returned to the client.

Conditions for postponing or amending the contract:

-There will be no additional charges for the client to change the event date or amend their booking provided our illustrator is free on the new date and happy to accept amendments. If she is unavailable or unwilling to accept the changes to the contract the booking fee will be retained in the form of a credit note but no further monies will be due.

-Settling the balance:

The remaining balance will be due one week before the date of the event Via Bacs transfer.


No refunds can be given after the event date.

-Event details:

-Every illustration presented to the guest will be a 4x6inch print in a protective sleeve created the same night of the event.

-Prints are restricted to 1 per person.

-A digital copy will be offered if guests would like multiple images with different guests .

-Picky Pencil cannot guarantee how many cartoons can be drawn in the booked time.

-The artist will do her best to inform the guests before starting that entertainment is being provided .

-Please be aware some venues block WIFI hotspots preventing a cartoon being printed. In this case an email of the cartoon will be sent the same day.

-In the event of a power or equipment failure a pencil drawn caricature or emailed cartoon will be offered.

-The artist will draw guests who remain seated at the easel in the time booked using a photograph taken at the time of the event as reference. These images are deleted immediately after the booking.

-The artist will not be responsible for organizing the guests waiting for a drawing, no spaces can be held, and no special preference will be given.

-Only guests who are attending the event picky pencil is booked for will have the option of receiving a cartoon. 

-If picky pencil starts a booking 30 minutes later than specified on the contract, she reserves the right to complete the hours booked off venue later using photos from the event at a rate of 10 head and shoulder black and white caricatures per hour.

-Children will only be drawn as part of a family.

-length of contract:

The contract between client and picky pencil will expire once the event date has passed  and images have been uploaded to www.pickypencil/blog.


Please bring any complaints so that they can be resolved to Mr. G Elrick

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