colour pencil pet portrait picky pencil illustration
A5 size illustration

Pencil portraits on A5 paper in an 8x10inch mount.


A4 pencil illustration

Pencil portraits on A5 paper in an 8x10inch mount.


cat drawing in colour pencil sketch
A3 pencil illustration

Pencil portraits on A3 paper in a 16x20 inch mount.


photo realistic drawing by picky pencil.
Realistic illustration

Our realistic illustrations use modern techniques to bring you the traditional realistic family and pet portraits that you love.  We start by working closely with clients, using their own photographs along with digital drawing software to compose a layout for your commission. After this has been approved we use traditional pencil drawing techniques to produce stunning hand drawn illustrations.  

Contact picky pencil to start your commission or browse through our etsy store for inspiration.

You will receive a mock up of your drawing before we start the commission

Drawings can be in black and white or colour .Colour pencil illustrations use a limited colour palette to be sympathetic to the original photo

Realistic illustrations use a variety of photos to create the final drawing.

Your finished drawing will be in pencil on paper but you can purchase additional prints to accompany your original drawing.

100% Hand made

Free delivery

Highly personalised

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colour pencil illustration portrait of alice in wonderland /picky pencil illustration