• lyn elrick

You are a superhero.

So lets face it 2020 was a pretty difficult year for everyone. For young folks whose schooling was interrupted and who couldn't spend time with friends.

For our elderly who couldn't meet with loved ones when they needed them the most . For everyone else in-between for the very many reasons I don't have space to mention on this blog.

2021 looks like it's going to be a bit of a challenge as well so I thought it's about time to face facts, there's no longer a need to hide in a telephone box so you can change out of your tights (that for some reason are under your pants???) because lets face facts, be proud, shout it from the roof tops and admit that we are all super heroes .

From the NHS workers, the Mums and Dads home schooling , everyone working from home, every single key worker, teenagers going through exams..... No matter who you are or what your story , we are going to get through these weird and chaotic times because ............

Say it with me

We are superhero's .....

So to celebrate how fantastic we all are I've looked back over the last few years and found some superhero's from the picky pencil caricature archive.

Let me know what superhero you are and your super power.

Stay safe everyone. xx

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