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Pet portrait Christmas review

Updated: Jan 29

Welcome to a new year at Picky pencil.

I hope you all had a safe and merry Christmas and New year.I thought I would start 2021 off with a look at some of the realistic pencil pet portraits I created as 2020 christmas gifts for some lovely folks around Scotland.

We start with this very composed Spaniel from Fraserburgh. This was a gift for father-in-Law and I thought it was a perfect photo to use as reference as it captures his personality beautifully.

Another cheeky chap this time in graphite. This was a gift for a husband and the finished drawing was heading to be a feature in their new kitchen.

And finally we have a sleepy fellow here who is absolutely, positively not posing for a photo at all ???? Definitely one of my favourites as I love using reference photos that look like just the average day in the life of the pup.

There we have just a wee taster of some of the drawings created last year. I'm really looking forward to sharing even more with you in the next couple of weeks.

Lyn xx

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