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What's your breed?

Ever wondered what type of dog you would be ? Wonder no longer. Here at picky pencil we think about these things probably more often than we should , so we've compiled a run down on some of our favourite breeds personality traits.

Have a look at each Breeds personality. Does anyone of them sound like you?

You are-

| Playful

| Very cheerful.

| Always look on the bright side.

| You have a great sense of humour

|Eager to please

| Loves being active and sporty.

| Very loyal to your family

| Is your perfect night in - watching tv with your family?

Congratulations! You are a COCKER SPANIEL.

You are-

| Feisty.

| Lively.

| Completely focused on the task in hand.

| Ambitious

| You know what you want.

| Confident and bold

| Is your perfect night out -Who has time for that!!!!

Congratulations! You are a JACK RUSSELL.

You are-

| Loving

| Gentle

| Always acting on impulse without a thought of the consequences.

| Sophisticated

| Independent

| Is you perfect Day out - taking part in a marathon then chilling on the coach?

Congratulations ! you are a WHIPPET.

You are-

| Probably the cleverest person in the room.

| A great partner.

| Loves showing off.

| Likes a challenge.

| Gets bored easily.

| Loves puzzles.

| Is your perfect day out - playing a team sport with friends?

Congratulations! you are a BORDER COLLIE.

You are-

| You love hugs

| You're very intelligent

| tend to hide how clever you are due to your kind nature.

| You are everyone's friend.

| Hate being by yourself

| You take care of everyone.

| Is your perfect day out - Visiting a museum then a family meal?

Congratulations! you are a COCKAPOO.

You are-

| you're a big softy.

| Very laid back

| Love watching the world go round

| Don't care what other people think.

| Can be sensitive.

| Is your perfect day out- Hiking in the middle of nowhere?

Congratulations ! you are a NEWFOUNDLAND.

You are-

| You don't suffer fools gladly.

| Calm under pressure.

| You pick up skills quickly.

| Always ready for action.

| Fiercely loyal to the ones you love .

| Is your perfect day- Organising an outdoor activity weekend for family and friends?

Congratulations ! you are a GERMAN SHEPARD.

You are-


| often misunderstood

| Bold.

| reliable

| headstrong and stubborn

| Extremely affectionate

| wears you heart on your sleeve

| Is you perfect day out- Family picnic with extended family and friends.

Congratulations ! you are a STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER.

Let us know about your pup. Does he or she have a complete different temperament? What dog breed would you like to be?

Many thanks to Pets4Homes website for the information on our breeds temperaments.

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