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Fine art drawing

Photo realistic pencil portraits

Our realistic illustrations use modern techniques to bring you the traditional realistic family and pet portraits that you love.  Using a limited colour pallet we can create beautifully personalised family and pet portraits to keep or give to your loved ones. Lyn specialises in pencil pet portraits in both colour tones and graphite. Using your own photograph as a reference Lyn's illustrations are soft and sympathetic,  letting your pets personality shine through.

Small but perfect

A5 size drawing

The smallest option mounted in an 8x10 inch mount perfect for the single portrait.

3 options to suit your Budget

Add a personalised touch

Most popular

A4 size drawing

Our post popular size can cater for up to 4 people or pets and comes in a 12x16 inch mount.

Perfect for collages

A3 size drawing

Our largest option in a 16x20 inch mount is perfect for collage montages of up to 8 people or pets.

Pet portraits

Colour shades

Celebrate your pet with a stunningly realistic fine art commission.

Colour portraits

Complimentary tones

colour pencil portrait drawing of your pets as a loving memento or special gift


Traditional feel

Portraits of family and friends from your own photograph in black and white.



Realistic mixed media editorial drawing for your publication and literature.

Personalised gifts for all occasions
Hand drawn & unique

We create realistic fine art hand drawn pencil drawings  from your photographs.

Birthday, Retirement, Memorial, Wedding, Engagement, Christmas gift, Mothers and Fathers day, Anniversary. 

black and white beagle drawing collage of poses | picky pencil pet portraits
Perfect gift
black labrador pencil fine art realistic drawing | picky pencil pet portraits
little girl driving a car editorial realistic illustration | picky pencil editorial
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Artist | Lyn Elrick

Location  | stuartfield, Aberdeenshire. U.K

Mobile | 07779647354

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